“Home Is Where Your Ma Is” by Paul Seils JNR!

Australian brothers Paul Seils JNR & Steve Seils came together to co-write this special song, written as a Heartfelt Gift for their mother’s 80th birthday.

This single is a dedication to all Mothers worldwide.

With music production, mixing, and mastering by the talented Doug Holmquist in Nashville, TN, USA, and special thanks to Jason Millhouse of Recordworks Studio in Brisbane, Australia, this song is a true Labour of Love.

Featuring a stellar lineup of Musicians including Jason Roller (Alabama Country Band) on Guitar, Scott Williamson on Drums, Mark Burchfield on Bass, Wanda Vick Burchfield on Mandolin & Acoustic Guitar, and backing Vocals by Tommy Harden & Doug Holmquist, “Home Is Where Your Ma Is” comes to life with Soulful Melodies and Heartfelt Lyrics.

“Home is where your Heart is – That’s what People say
No matter the distance, no matter come what may
Life might bring some changes, and our Hearts might go Astray
But as long as she’s still with us – We all know
Home is where your Ma is”

Enjoy this musical journey where “Home is where your Ma is” and Celebrate the timeless bond between Mother and Child through the Power of Music.

Available for download on all streaming platforms. Send a copy to your Ma and make her day!


Paul Seils JNR is an artist delivering heartfelt Country Music that draws from the nostalgia of artists such as John Mellencamp, Steve Earle, Johnny Cash & Merle Haggard, who began performing in 2016.

Influenced by early years of growing up in Rural Australia, with regular visits to Nashville TN – Paul’s deep raspy baritone has a unique timbre which oozes sincerity and depth of soul.

Paul Seils JNR wants to spread messages of positivity and love with his music, especially during our current climate. Paul JNR expresses …“With the stress and anxiety that we’re dealing with at the moment in the world, sometimes Love gets forgotten because everything else seems more important.”
With candid lyrics reflecting his own life journey, his debut single and first official original release, “Down Low”, was co-written with 2014 Tamworth Star Maker Winner Jared Porter and Nolan Wynne. Paul JNR released his debut single ‘Down Low’ in November 2019. Paul’s song expresses the joy of embracing freedom in the country after the working week.

Paul’s 2nd single, as a retrospective, honours Gordon Lightfoot’s “Sundown” – Paul JNR’s laid back version was Produced in Nashville in 2020 by Michael Flanders.

Celebrating life and love and remembering a friend is behind Paul Seils JNR’s follow up single, “Love Is A Circle” recorded this song in memory of his close friend Brenton (Washuntara) Roberts. Brenton was one of the founders of Circle of Men, which operates in Australia, the US and other parts of the world, as an informal support group of men for men which offered fellowship and friendship. Paul released ”Love Is A Circle” to help raise funds for this cause, which remains close to his heart. The theme of the song encourages people to share their stories and use Love to lift others up. Paul explains, in “Love Is A Circle – What you give will come right back again.”

Paul Seils JNR’s next single, “Hold The Line” gained international success, spending 2 weeks at no #1 on the US Positive Country Charts out of Nashville in early 2023. Paul delivers the song with passion and authorative exuberance. Not afraid of causes, Paul delivers this song which he dedicates to all those who have had the courage to make a stand for Freedom in the face of Opposition, Ridicule & Criticism. “Hold The Line” was Produced by Doug Holmquist & Shawn Gallaway in Nashville TN. Musicians who created the Magic were Tommy Haren (Drums), Mark Prentice (Bass), Mike Seevers (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars), Wayne Dahl (Steel Guitar) & David Spak + Doug Holmquist (Harmonies)


Paul wants to spread messages of positivity and love with his music especially during our current climate.

His love of humanity has led him to create his latest song “Rise Like Lions”.

“Rise like Lions” is putting the Call out to Humanity to put our differences aside & unify to create a new future that works for All – We have more in common than we do that separates us!

Dedicated to those emerging Leaders in our communities who are bringing forth the Integrity & Authenticity for All! We will no longer fall for their Divide & Conquer agendas.

 The song was craftily cowritten with Ben Tenison and Shawn Gallaway. Musicians who brought “Rise Like Lions” to Life were Jason Roller of Alabama Country Band (Guitar), Wayne Dahl (Steel Guitar), Tommy Harden (Drums), Mark Prentice (Bass), and Tommy Harden + Lily Harden, Doug Holmquist and the Harvest Point Church Singers (Backing Vocals). “Rise Like Lions” was Produced, Mixed & Mastered in 2023 by Doug Holmquist in Nashville TN

“Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you – Ye are many – they are few.” – Percy Bysshe Shelley (Circa 1819)




Influenced by early years of growing up in Outback Australia with regular visits to Nashville TN, JNR has written songs with the likes of Graeme Conners, Jared Porter and Michael Flanders.

Following on with his latest mission, to perform at a host of festivals and engage live audiences – Paul JNR and Band graced the stage at the Donnybrook Festival Queensland in October 2023.




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